Alzheimer’s pill hope after breakthrough

Currently, the medicine does not have the medications, which are able to stop the degenerative changes that occur in the brain cells as the Alzheimer’s disease develops.

Scientists have long been engaged in research to develop a new Alzheimer’s pill, which make a real breakthrough in the treatment of this degenerative disease and will help those affected with this illness to recover after being diagnosed with it.

However, all medications that have been developed up until now help only soften the manifestations of the Alzheimer’s and prevent its progression, yet do not help to achieve complete remission.

The Alzheimer’s disease is usually diagnosed in people after 65 years of age, yet it may appear at an earlier age. Most often, the disease begins with short-term memory impairment that progresses with time and affects other types of memory.

Despite the large amount of researches, the exact causes that contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s are unknown. Every year, scientists report a breakthrough in the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease and a creation of an effective pill that will give hope to tens of thousands of patients.

However, while the causes of the disease remain unknown, scientists have not yet succeeded in creating a breakthrough Alzheimer ‘s drug that would prevent the development of this degenerative brain disease.

At present, experts have proposed a number of theories and hypotheses of the Alzheimer’s emergence.

The most probable are several hypotheses, among which we can distinguish:

  • the disease can be caused by deformed proteins that lead to the death of brain neurons.
  • lack of substances necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses is the main reason .

New Alzheimer’s pill – one more ray of hope

Some scientists believe that supplements with Vitamin C may help patients suffering from the Alzheimer’s. According to their estimates, the vitamin can dissolve protein layers (amyloid plaques), which are deposited in the brain during the disease.

It is believed that the action of the deformed proteins particularly affects the neurons that are located in the memory center of the brain. Under the influence of improperly folded proteins, the neurons of the brain gradually die off.

The discovery of a new property of vitamin C gives hope to the creation of an effective Alzheimer’s pill and can be a long-awaited breakthrough in the treatment of the disease.

In the creation of new drugs, scientists hope to stop the death of affected brain cells. However, the majority of scientists came to the conclusion that heredity is one of the main factors that contribute to the Alzheimer’s.

Medical researchers managed to identify the specific genes that influence a person’s predisposition to this disease. They have proven the role of three genes, the mutation of which causes proteins deformation, which contributes to the onset of the Alzheimer’s.

Today, scientists place great hope on the treatment of this disease with the help of stem cells. Creation of an Alzheimer’s pill based on stem cells can mark a breakthrough in countering this terrible disease and will give hope for health improvement to thousands of patients with the Alzheimer’s disease.

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